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Broughton Village
Emily O\'Brien 1324834566

Great Indian food, made the way you want. The staff will adjust any dish on the menu to hotter or milder and have a huge range of dishes.
Thai On Wye
Paula 1317883484

Best Indian food I have ever tried, the deliveries are never late and the meals are always delicious! Great prices!
Yummy garden
Peppy 1301775377

Like many takeaway food shops, never go there when they just open, wait until they are open a couple of hours. As the first food out of there taste awful, just like it has been reheated. But after the first couple of hours the food is quite tasty. Enjoy.
Florence Pizza
Jhon 1300998392

Nice and warm, in time, I order pizza, always friendly people. Cheaper than the other, I give advice to people who order from Florence Pizza. Bye
Spice Invaders
amy 1296579838

Agree with Mike absolutely fantastic would defo recommend it!
Eastern Fried Chicken
abumuqtasid 1293028636

I placed a food takeaway order to be delivered to my home. I placed the order at 18:20, while placing the order, they told me that the order will take about an hour. The order was for myself, my wife and six children. The cost of the order was 29.50 At 19:28 I rang them back to ask them how long will the food delivery take, they told me that the driver had already left. At 19:50 the delivery driver comes. When I take the bag, it is cold. I checked two of the packets and they were cold. I told the driver that I cannot accept this food its cold. The driver said that they had been busy. I told him that the food should not be cold and I would have to put the oven on to warm it. The driver said that pay 20, so I said to him that just drop the price to 15. He phoned the owner to tell him. The driver talked to the owner which I could not hear. The driver came back and said that the owner wanted to talk to me. As soon as I said hello ON THE PHONE, THE OWNER STARTED TO SCREAM DOWN IT. He was screaming that they had been bloody busy and that they had said that they could be about an hour and that I was taking the bloody piss. I calmly said to him that this was not about the time it took for the delivery but that the food was cold. I then told the owner that I had phoned at 19:28pm and that you had told me that the driver had already left the takeaway but he still got here at 19:50pm. He again screamed down the phone that the driver had to make three deliveries and that is taking the piss with 15. I told the owner that I am the customer and that the food is cold, and I am not paying for it. The owner then told me that he did not care and that 15 was taking the piss. Then I said to him that I do not want the food. He then screamed down the phone that he did not want my custom, he has lots of customers and cut the phone off. I gave the driver his phone and the cold food back. NOTE The owner did not care about the cold food that was sent, no customer services, nor was he polite, or courteous but only he cared about was that he was not getting his money for the cold food. After the driver had left I went to another takeaway on the Foleshill Road and was back with food at 20:30pm. The roads were clear and little traffic.
Kims Kitchen
Matt 1292527222

It's not like me to post about takeaways, but this place is by far the best chinese in Derby, been going here for years! Never fails to impress me and I've nearly gone through the whole menu...no joke! Friendly staff and they speak English too, which is a bonus...
Panorama Kebab Shop
HW 1291588629

Order; chicken tikka kebab = awful, dripping in grease & was full of chicken skin!! - you wouldn't serve the rubbish to a dog; called to complain they said I could have a free one tomorrow! WHAT USE IS THAT - LESS THAN 1 STAR
Caspian Kebabs
Alex 1290394176

THE BEST Quality food! Best Pizzas in town. plus the 1st take-away in CUMBRIA! Staff are friendly. BEST Chicken Kebabs.
Jenny 1286392228

Absolutely fantastic!!! Great service delicious food, best takeaway in Neath and Swansea! We ordered crispy beef, sirloin steak, chips and duck with spring onion and ginger, it was really yummy! The steak and duck was very juicy and flavorsome and the crispy beef and chips were really crispy. The girl at the counter was very polite and service was great! I would definitely recommend this place!
Rajrani Of Wigmore
Alan 1286120688

3 words stay well away, we ordered from here the other day, first we had to wait hour and a half for our food, and when it did arrive it was cold, 2 rice missing, chicken of poor quality, no flavour to any of our dishes, very disappointing all round, will never order from here again!
Mohs Indian Take Away
claire o\'connor 1285518386

Excellent local curry house. Always quick delivery.
Angies Kebab Cafe & Restaurant
hurd 1285443673

Angies has a great take away service, always fast and reliable, with good quality food, thanks guys.
Spice Invaders
Mike 1284204177

Absolutely Fabulous! Without Doubt the Best Curry House in Tamworth & Ive tried them all
Balti Valley
val 1283215554

The best Indian takeaway in Oldbury. Good food and service.
New Beijing City
Ryan 1281633442

Possibly the best chinese food. I've ever eaten has come from this discrete take away. Their specialty curry are top salt on this shop, it's so delicious. Hope would people like to try them.
Deli Bar (Harrogate) Ltd
bethany 1280169767

I found this food terrible,along with the service. Apparently the owner pays customers to sit in this establishment. Just to bring in money.
Peking Palace
Tom Rogers 1279816086

Really nice food. I love it, yum yum.
Adeels Spice
David 1279729392

this take away is not bad but it helps if you go to the shop instead of phoning them as they have problems understanding you over the phone
Wo Foong
sven 1279543126

Possibly the best chinese food. I've ever eaten has come from this discrete take away. Their specialty kung po is amazing as is their crispy roast pork with beansprouts. They never fail to impress the quality, never suffers the ingredients and are top quality. I am never disappointed going there.

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